My Opinion

Alcohol should be illegal:

Actually the alcohol has been used like a way of having fun and a way of forget things.

I think that the alcohol in these days should be illegal because it cause a bad influence on children between ages 0 to 14 years old and in most of the cases in car accidents there is a person involucred that consumed alcohol before.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that in the 2013, 10.076 people were killed in car accidents by consuming alcohol and of the 1.149 traffic deaths among children ages 0-14 in 2013, 200 (17%) involved alcohol influence.

Thats why alcohol should be illegal.


Vampire Diary


Dear diary

10:15 am: In these days I think that strange things have been happening, I awake every morning with strange marks in my clothes and also blood in my hands I don’t remember clearly what happen but some images appears on my mind: full moon over the fields, some faces that I have never seen before, some screaming people I don’t know why, and different dead bodies all around.

12:43pm: I have been trying very hard to remember and some new images have come to my mind: a young woman was bitten by a stranger.  

15:17pm: A new memory enter my mind after I ate a piece of meat for lunch: a child was thrown away by the same stranger, he looked very pale.

17:32pm: I have a strange feeling to the blood …..

22:47pm: A horror story was written in my mind about me being the same stranger that bit the young woman and throw the kid…Now I remember. I’AM THE BEAST, a prince of shadows… A vampire.


Interview: Dialogue

Chris: Lets start by telling me your name.

Jeff: My name is Jeff?

Chris: Don’t try to be funny tell me your full name.

Jeff: Ok, ok my name is Jeffrey Dahmer.

Chris: Do you have a family?

Jeff: Yes.

Chris: Your family know what you did?

Jeff: I can’t tell you that, I didn’t do anything.

Chris: Well, if you are trying to lie, do it you will lose anyway.

Jeff: Im not trying to lie, Im just trying to get out of here because Im innocent.

Chris: When did you knew about your man sexual attraction?

Jeff: During puberty

Chris: And does someone knew about it?

Jeff: No, I didn`t wanted to tell people , I kept it in secret.

Chris: And when you entered high school?

Jeff: I started to drink alcohol before class, that kept my mind away from the feelings.

Chris: And what about your friends, did you have any?

Jeff: No, I didn´t like to, I prefer to be alone.

Chris: Ok, let me see…. There are few questions you must answer. What`s your favorite food?

Jeff: Meat.

Chris: What kind of meat?

Jeff: Human´s meat….I mean animal´s

Chris: Well, that´s kind of a big mistake, thanks for your help.

Jeff: Mmmm…



Crime and criminal description

 Criminal: Jeffrey Dahmer was a psychopath and a serial killer that during his life kill 17 mens and boys just for pleasure and fun. He was born the 21 of may of 1960 at Bath Township, Ohio, U.S.A and during his childhood he was a normal but when he enter puberty he started to be gay. When he left high school he start to work on a chocolate factory and at the age of 28 he makes his first crime.

Finally after so many crimes during his life he enter the Columbia correctional institute and he was killed by Christopher Scarver.

Crime: During all his crimes he starts convincing all his victims to take nude photographs and when he convinced them he gives them drugs and finally he kill his victims and start to eat them like a cannibal.

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Godlike Report


Heracles was a divine hero in the Greek mythology, he was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and also he was a half brother of Perseus.He was the greatest of the Greek heroes because he is attributed to a lion.

He was a good person and he like to help other people, he is known because he has a extraordinary strength and a sexual prowess with both males and females, he also like helping childrens.He said that his labour in the world is to make it safe for the humankind to keep evolutioning

Two of more important events in his life in that he sacked Troy before the Homers Trojan war and he killed the son of Ares (Cycnus).



Our first blogging

Parcela 3A1 Lote 8

Rauten, Quillota

6914 Department C Liberty Avenue

North Bergen, New Jersey

23 march 2015

Dear Jimmy

Im writing this letter to you because I want you know what I have been doing here in Chile at school, we have been doing a play of Hamlet, this new experience of doing a play is very exiting.

The next weekend we are moving to a new house in Santiago because my father get a new job there that is better that the other, he is now working as the manager of a very famous singer (i don’t remember his name).

How it is your new school there in New Jersey?, You have new friends?, I think that you have new friends because here in Chile you used to have so many friends because you was a very sociable, happy, faithful and intelligent person.

I hope next year I can go to New Jersey to visit you because we need to go to visit my grandparents that live there.

Im waiting your answer for this letter.

Your friend